Burson Audio Bang Stereo Power Amplifier

Burson Audio

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Big Bang
Bang is the smallest dual mono Class AB Power amp in the world. With a footprint of 9 inches (23cm), Bang is elegant in any desktop and living room setup. Bang’s size is deceiving as Bang packs a jaw-dropping punch! Utilising four sets of Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) developed by Burson, Bang delivers overwhelming power, speed, and details.

  • Given its small form factor, you may mistake Bang for a Class D amplifier. In Burson, we openly dislike Class-D amps. (Link to no-ic-opamp) Class D amplification introduces unnecessary processing to your audio signal resulting in terrible audio performance. [+] Learn More – Class D No! Bang is a Class AB purist. It sounds organic, transparent and very musical.

    Bang is like a cage fighter that loves poetry and bonsai. You will never get bored of Bang and it will knock out any challenger under $2000.

  • Versatile Bang
    Bang has a built-in buffer stage with selectable impedance levels. From high-end DAC and preamps to portable players and smartphones, Bang matches perfectly with any source components, giving you the perfect performance and volume control every time. [+] Learn More – Impedance Matching

    Flexible Bang
    Bang’s input buffer stage also facilitates and encourages audio opamp rolling. Yes, Bang can be tailored according to listening preference and Bang evolves with the listener.

    Solid Bang
    As a proud member of the Burson family. Bang is top quality. Inside of Bang is high-end components selected and matched for performance. They include ELNA Aluminum Electrolytic and Vishay resistors.

    With our 5 years, worldwide warranty* Burson Bang is built to last.

  • Measurement Package Content
    Input impedance: 100 KOhms Burson Bang Unit 2.5mm hex key
    Frequency response: ± 1 dB 0 – 20Khz Power Supply 100-240V AC (12V 10A)
    THD: <0.03%
    Output impedance: 1.5 Ohm @ 1 kHz
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 92.5dB
    Inputs: 2 X RCA (2V RMS line level) Weight: app. 2.5Kg
    Outputs: 2 X Speaker Outputs Dimensions: 210mm x 145mm x 45mm
    Impedance Power Signal to Noise Ratio Separation
    4Ohm 40W 91db 99%
    8 Ohm 29W 91db 99%
    16 Ohm 15.2W 91db 99%

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