Earsonics ES5 In Ear Monitors


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This is the core of a high-end in-ear, the best sound system possible within the technical limits imposed by its design. And the result is here.

Mastery of sound, generous bass, realistic and convincing spatialization, high precision of details, the absolute reference for listening to all music styles: Rock, pop, jazz and electronic music. With an impressive approach to music, yet accessible, those in-ears will make you shiver.

    The EVS (ergonomic versatile shell) that contains the soul of the ES5, is a true concentrate of technology. Developed by our research laboratory, it consists of a complex two-parts shell, itself gathering 12 drawers. This design has made it possible to place drivers, electronic cards, filters and internal wiring, in a very organized way.

    This feature of optimized guts is compatible with many combinations of electronics thanks to the use of the FUSION® process (adaptable in abs). We have also integrated a double sound output in the cannula of the EVS shell, with a unique acoustic diffractor which creates a wider and lighter sound space..


    An intra must be, more than any other musical listening system, pleasant to wear and forgotten to leave room to the experience of music. That's why we've developed an extremely lightweight and comfortable earphone. The ES5 is also equipped with a detachable 2 pins cable and an ear-wrap for a better hold. The 2 pins cable have been designed specifically with the willingness of not driving any parasitic noises.


    Mastering the whole manufacturing process of our products, we are confident about the quality we offer. The ES5 is entirely designed and manufactured in our laboratory at EarSonics, in France. Giving the utmost importance to our users’ satisfaction, our specialized technicians monitor meticulously all stages of the making of your ES5. The result is an exceptional earphone combining technical sophistication and passion.

    Sensibility: 117 dB/mW
    Frequency response: 10 Hz -20 kHz
    DCR: 33 ohms
    Driver: 5 drivers with 3 way HQ impedance corrector.

    ES5 with is detachable cable
    4 Comply tips
    4 silicon tips
    1 cleaning tool
    Carrying box
    User manual

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