Earsonics Velvet V2 In Ear Monitors


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Velvet V2 : The Earsonics’ tailored sound.

We have created the Velvet V2 to offer a personally tailored sound that satisfies your needs according to your specific listening style.

The 3-switch system let you chose among 3 different sound signatures
that best adapt to your mobile audio device.

    We have carefully studied every details of the VELVET V2 design.

    It results in this modern and fluid design fully

    adapted to all ear anatomy. A sleeker look and a pleasant touchdown as a result of the noble

    material choice.

  •  SOUND

    Balance and tone respect are the key words that best characterize the VELVET V2.

    We have given great care in developing a new beveled cannula shape

    with an innovative wave guide that combines comfort and optimum sound performance.

    The VELVET V2 offers a more linear frequency response and a more energetic treble.


    With is new switch, the VELVET offers 3 different listening approach that made the success of Earsonics

    with the audiophile and musician audience.

    It will become the best companion for nomade use and can adapt to different players of market

    through its ability to change the signature color and sound …

    Sensibility: 119 dB/mW
    Frequency response: 10 Hz -20 kHz
    DCR: 31,5 à 41,5 ohms (depend on switch position)
    Driver: 3 ways with HQ tunable crossover

    VELVET with is replaceable cable
    4 Comply tips
    8 silicon tips
    1 cleaning tool
    Carrying box
    User manual

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