Focal Electra SW 1000 Be Subwoofer [EX-DEMO UNIT]

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The Electra SW 1000 Be subwoofer offers high performance and perfectly complements your Electra system. In a hi-fi stereo system, the SW 1000 Be will transform the sound rendering of any wideband loudspeaker, by spectacularly extending the frequency response curve in the low end.

It is a key component for any multi-channel or 5.1 Home Cinema system, and will reproduce the very low end with precision to guarantee the realistic reproduction of the spectacular sound effects of your favourite films.


Type  Active Bass-reflex Subwoofer
Drivers  13" (33cm) "W" woofer
Frequency response 20Hz - 150Hz
Low frequency point 18Hz
Subwoofer Features Adjustable LPF: 50Hz to 150Hz (24dB/oct.),
48dB/oct. adjustable subsonic filter,
adjustable phase, Boost mode,
Night mode, 3 user memories,
LFe/Stereo/Digital inputs
Amplifier 600W (750W max.) BASH® amplifier
Dimensions (HxLxP) 211/16x1911/16x17" (535x500x432mm)
Net weight 92.4lb (42kg)

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