Audeze Mobius Gel-Filled Ear Pads (Pair)


*Please check with your local store on stock availability

Audeze accessories are designed to work only with Audeze headphones, and offer no warranty when used with other headphones.

Please note: once worn, they cannot be returned.

Gel-Filled Ear Pads
Mobius Gel-filled ear pads dissapate heat build-up during long gaming sessions. Quick and easily snaps in place, replacing the original ear pads. Stay cool, dry, and comfortable during your next raid!

Specifications and Construction
Dual-layer structure consisting of a memory foam base filled with professional-grade silicone gel, ensuring shape retention and heat reduction over extended gaming sessions!

Malleable gel material adapts to the unique contours of your head, ensuring greater comfort - even with glasses on!

High-Grade Protein Leather looks and feels like organic leather.
Easily replaceable so that you can change between standard and gel-filled earpads.

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