Dynaudio X14A Active Bookshelf Speakers, Includes Schiit SYS & RCA Cables


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Dynaudio brings their many years of legendary active/powered professional studio monitor expertise into the home with the Excite X14A Active/Powered bookshelf speakers. Active speakers contain the amplifier modules as part of the speaker which of course means one less metal box of electronics is necessary... in the case of the Dynaudio X14A each driver has it's own dedicated and matched amplifier housed in the speaker - so a total of 4 perfectly matched amplifiers ensure that these speakers deliver sound in a very honest, revealing and truthful way with the famous smooth, non-fatiguing sound that Dynaudio is famous for. With (4x) 50W amplifiers and precisely tuned DSP the Excite X14A's will astonish you with the richness and depth of sound they create from such a compact speaker - all you need is a volume controlled source (Computer, DAC, DJ Mixer, mixing desk, pre-amp, Passive volume etc) and world class sound will be yours to enjoy.

Excitement amplified.

The new Excite X14A is the ideal active loud- speaker speaker for smart, modern audio systems. All one needs is to connect a volume-controlled audio source. The X14A utilizes a bi-amped configuration to achieve the best result: One
50 watt digital amplifier powers the bass/midrange driver while a second 50 watt digital amplifier powers the tweeter. An Excite X14A two-channel setup thus yields a highly capable 2 x 100 watt stereo system. Dynaudio has integrated the
most advanced digital power amp modules and sophisticated DSP technology to complement
the high quality soft dome tweeter and MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) long-throw woofer.
A rear-ported bass-reflex design further improves bass performance.

The Excite X14A features three equalization switches that allow one to fine-tune the sonic performance even further, for example when placing the speaker near a wall, corner, or free standing. The bass, midrange and treble can each be individually adjusted in three levels. The high-pass filter (60 or 80 Hz) allows one to optionally combine the Excite X14A with a subwoofer.

The rear panel features two analogue inputs to choose from, one RCA and one XLR. The input sensitivity can be individually adjusted in three levels.

The musical quality will be immediately apparent upon first listen: Clear and open, yet perfectly balanced and refined, with an impressively deep and tight bass performance for a loudspeaker
this size. Sound staging and imaging between the two speakers is excellent thanks to the meticulous DSP fine tuning and optimisation of the digital amplification.

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