FiiO BTR1 Bluetooth DAC *DEMO*


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Wireless high-fidelity audio with DAC + aptX Bluetooth Amp

  • A great Bluetooth experience starts with the DAC

    The BTR1 uses the high performing AK4376 DAC to perform digital decoding duties. Compared to the typical Bluetooth integrated solution, its decoding capability (up to 384 kHz / 32 bit audio) as well as its output power and signal-to-noise ratio are all noticeably better. All of this ensures a stable, high quality Bluetooth audio experience that will bring you close to how your music was intended to be heard.

  • Unchained from wires to unleash your music

    Have you ever wished that you didn’t need to hold your music player when exercising? Or have you ever worried about answering the phone because both of your hands were busy at the time? With the FiiO BTR1, worry not – you can now truly enjoy the convenience of going wireless without compromises. While ordinary Bluetooth receivers just focus on being small, the BTR1 is also designed to be easy to handle and sound good too within a compact package.

    Simply plug-and-play for high quality Bluetooth sound

    With more and more smartphones starting to discard the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, the only ways to use your old headphones with such smartphones are to either connect them using an adapter cable, an external DAC/amplifier, or through some kind of Bluetooth receiver. With the BTR1, simply connect your great-sounding 3.5mm headphone to it and instantly get superb sound, even if your smartphone doesn’t have a headphone jack.

  • Dimensions: 24mm x 50mm x 11.5mm

    Color: Black

    Headphone Impedance: 16-100 Ohms

    SNR: >95dB (A-weighted)

    Weight: About 20.5g

    Output power: >30mW (16 Ohms/THD+N <1%)

    THD+N: <0.04% (1kHz/32 Ohms)

    Battery Time: About 8 Hours

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