Fiio RC-78B Balanced Replacement Cable


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FiiO RC-78B 2.5mm Silver-plated Replacement Balanced Earphone Cable for Westone UM3XRC / W4R

Calling All Balanced Output Enthusiasts

Based on RC-WT1,the new RC-78B swaps the 3.5mm jack out for a 2.5mm 4-pole plug.With its separate Left/Right channel wires and separate +/- signal transfer,the RC-78B enables balanced operation for your earphones.When connected to a balanced headphone amplifier(such as the FiiO AM3),RC-78B can greatly enhance channel separation as well as markedly increase the signal to noise ratio.This results in a wider sound stage and more controlled,textured bass – perfect for balanced output enthusiasts.

A Little Extra Transparency makes for A Lot More Individuality

From the plug joint,to the Y splitter,to the earphone-side connector,the new RC-78B is wrapped with transparent polycarbonate to separate itself from the unicolor cable.Not only does this striking visual element give your earphones some character,it naturally also invites you to take a closer look with its revealing view of the insides.

Stunning Looks backed by Impressive Internals

The RC-78B adopts Teflon*FEP(fluorinated ethylene propylene) for the sheath and silver-plated copper as the conductor.11 strands of silver-plated copper wires (each with a diameter>0.08mm) make up each of the 8 separate cables,which are all woven into one audio cable with separate wires for the Left/Right channels.Both the straight 2.5mm plug and the CIEM connector (with a 0.78mm diameter) are made of gold-plated copper.These premium choices of materials ensure the RC-78B is a high quality cable that is highly elastic,tough against scrapes,and resistant to aging.
Boundless Compatibility

Westone UM3XRC / W4R / NF Audio NF2 / NF3 / NF4 / JH Audio JH13 / JH 16 / Earsonics SM64


Length: 120cm (excluding the plug)
Diameter of conductor: 26AWG (φ0.4mm)
Diameter of conductor including outer skin: φ0.6mm
Diameter of cable: φ2.5mm
Impedance of single channel for headphone cable: 0.16Ω(1.2m)
Suitable temperature: -80-200℃
High pressure resistance: 150V
Diameter of contact pin: 0.78mm

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