FiiO uBTR Bluetooth DAC


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High quality wireless sound
uBTR unitlizes the Qualcomm CSR8645 Bluetooth 4.1 chips,which supports the aptX,AAC and SBC audio codecs to ensure your get the best out of your music.

Built-in High-perfermance amplifier
Inside the heart of the uBTR lies the Texas Instruments TPA6132A2 allows the uBTR to provide a higher-quality wireless experience better than even that of a wired connection.

Three-button multi-function in-line control center
Seamlessly take phone calls and control media playback with integrated microphone and remote

Simple blue and red indicators
Charging:Red light flashes till charging completes
Working:Blue light flashes
Pairing:Red light and blue light flashes alternately
Low battery:Red light flashes
Charge for 1 hour,listen for 9 hours.

One touch to pair with NFC
With the uBTR's NFC functionality,simply pair over Bluetooth with just one touch between the devices,Saving you the hassle of having to go through the formal pairing process.

A tiny piece of craftsmanship for you to carry
Weighing only 12.5g and measuring only 5.5cm long(about the size of your pinky finger).

May your assistant be of service?
Recognizing that AI is the future,the uBTR allow easy access to voice assistants including Siri with just a souble-click of the main button.

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