Accustic Arts Uncompressed Audiophile Recordings CD

Accustic Arts

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Uncompressed Recordings for a Audiophile.

Accustic Arts of Germany has put together some of the best audiophile recordings available in Uncompressed Volumes 1-5.

  • Volume 1: Featuring an outstanding and high quality selection of 13 recordings designed for audiophiles and to spotlight the sounds of different world instruments. Different styles include the World Music, New Age and Jazz.

    Volume 2: Accustic Arts Uncompressed Volume 2 is a 15 track audiophile CD highlighting the female voice. The tracks include female voices from Europe and the US. You will hear different beautiful voices from women but they all have one thing in common: high sound quality. Delivering the best in audiophile recording Uncompressed Volume 2 is a highlight to add to any true audiophile’s library.

    Volume 3: Accustic Arts is back and are bringing you a dedicated collection to spotlight the male voice. Accustic Arts Uncompressed Volume 3 is a must have in your audiophile music collection. With 14 HiFi song recordings Uncompressed Volume 3 opens audiophiles world to a new selection of top recording from around the world.

    Volume 4: Uncomrpessed Audio of Pianos Like You've Never heard. Accustic Arts aims to show how true that really is with the release of Uncompressed Volume 4. Compromising 12 classic tracks all played by themselves on pianos, you'll be able to hear the differences in both players and models of pianos.

    Volume 5: An instrument made of metal. Despite this, it does not belong to the family of brass instruments. Its sister is not the trumpet, tuba or trombone. It is the clarinet, a wood wind instrument. Its relationship to the clarinet is explained by the way the sound is generated. In both instruments a reed is responsible for the sound.

  • Volume 1: All songs have been recorded within the last 20 years and have been selected in several auditions and listening sessions. The styles include World Music, New Age and Jazz.

    Volume 2: Where volume 1 included 13 instrumental tracks, with Volume 2 we now present a total of 15 different, excellent recordings with the focus on the female voice.

    Thus volume 2 features voices of 15 female singers from Europe and the US. The voices are all different and yet they have something in common: the tracks have a high musical and excellent sound quality. Along with a number of well-known names, there are also singers on the CD who are mostly unknown to the listener.

    Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the recordings, just as we were in the course of our extensive research and pre-listening activities.

    Volume 3: We refrained from using well-known sources, but consciously decided to give unknown names a chance.

    We have also repeatedly listened to the recommendations of sound engineers. The result is a selection of recordings we remain enthusiastic about even after many listening sessions. We are proud that Uncompressed World is distributed in over 35 countries, mainly via the high end audio trade. And we are curious to know how you will like our selection.

    Write to us! Send your feedback to, not least because we will need your help again for Vol. 4.

    Volume 4: And you might find it hard to believe, but canned piano music has found its way into our compilation. Sampled sound, played on a midi keyboard, and edited on a laptop.

    Our recommendation: before reading the booklet, first of all listen carefully to the CD, track by track. Try to find out which track was not played with a “real” piano. We wish you lots of fun during the search and even more fun with the audio journey through the Uncompressed World of the audiophile solo piano.

    Volume 5: But that is all the two instruments have in common. The different age of the instruments is also considerable, as the clarinet was already invented 140 years before the saxophone.

    The saxophone first became famous for its use in Jazz. And something else: there is not just one saxophone. In fact there are more than 10 variations. From big to small. From bass to tenor saxophone and from alto to sopranino saxophone. They all sound different. And if there was only a single type of saxophone it would sound different with every musician. That is the fascinating point about this instrument.

  • Volume 1:

    • Track 1: Claudia - Paquito d'Rivera feat. Arturu Sandoval
    • Track 2: Body and Soul - Paquito d'Rivera feat. Arturu Sandoval
    • Track 3: Two Trees - Budi Siebert, Matthias Frey
    • Track 4: Sambienta - PAmagieRA
    • Track 5: Feathers and Flames - Matthias Frey
    • Track 6: I dreamed In The Cities At Night - Benjamin Hermann
    • Track 7: The Last Waltz - Friedemann Witecka
    • Track 8: Dancing Katchinas - Ralf Illenberger
    • Track 9: Soleil - Ralf Illenberger
    • Track 10: Optus 10 - Joe Fagan Quartet feat. Barbara Burkle
    • Track 11: Bar Celta - Tineke Postma
    • Track 12: Split - Mi Tierra
    • Bonus Track: Cosmic Soul - Budi Siebert

    Volume 2:

    • Track 1: Sleep Awhile - Benedicte Target
    • Track 2: Better Be Home Soon - Andrea Zorn
    • Track 3: Beautiful Girls - Jessica Gall
    • Track 4: Maybe I'm Amazed - Lydia Gray
    • Track 5: Summer Mood - Karen Selig
    • Track 6: Earthly Things - Eliksir
    • Track 7: Five Loaves and Two Fishes - Corrine May
    • Track 8: 8Ball - Sandra MacBeth
    • Track 9:To Finally - Jamie Lynn Noon
    • Track 10: Going Through - Leslie Tucker
    • Track 11: A Little Loving - Lisa Bassenge
    • Track 12: Kosmo - Maria Markesini
    • Track 13: Happy - Amy Antin
    • Track 14: 'Til They Take My Heart Away - Clair Marlo
    • Track 15: My Silly Heart - Margriet Sjoerdsma

    Volume 3:

    • Track 1: The Sun Is Shining For Our Love - Jeff Cascaro
    • Track 2: Anna - Big Daddy Wilson
    • Track 3: Where I'm Going To Be - Daniel Stelter feat. Kosho
    • Track 4: Triste - Peter Fessler
    • Track 5: Slave To The Moon - Nighthawks
    • Track 6: Talk To Me - Lilienthal
    • Track 7: Running Up That Hill - Theo Bleckmann
    • Track 8: Now And Forever - Marc Secara
    • Track 9: Reach Out (I'll Be There) - Kieran Gross
    • Track 10: Put All Your Faith In Me - Brendan Murphy
    • Track 11: In My Heart - Steve Reeves
    • Track 12: The Wind - Mike Janipka
    • Track 13: Thank You - Udo Schild
    • Track 14: With Or Without You - Ian Parker

    Volume 4:

    • Track 1: Smile - Matthias Frey
    • Track 2: Debbie And The Dogs - Martin Tingvall
    • Track 3: Esperanza - Omar Sosa
    • Track 4: Numinosa - Andreas Loh
    • Track 5: Gruss An F. - Matthias Claus
    • Track 6: Walchensee - Martin Vatter
    • Track 7: Gedanken - Michael Fiedler
    • Track 8: Adiva - Jesus Chucho Valdes
    • Track 9: Sweet Delight - Joerg Reiter
    • Track 10: 4 Rain - Lutz Gerlach & Ulrike Mai
    • Track 11: Reflection - Kelvin Malpass
    • Track 12: Wendekries Des Steinbocks - Wolfgang Dauner

    Volume 5:

    • Track 1: Dirk Blumlein Terzett - Trees
    • Track 2: Cologne Saxophone Quintet - Sie Sieht Mich Nicht
    • Track 3: Meike Goosmann Quintet - I Wanna Play
    • Track 4: David Friedman / Peter Weniger - O Grande Amor
    • Track 5: Phil Stockli Quintet - Source Nature
    • Track 6: Charlie Mariano - Naima
    • Track 7: Martin Ehlers Trio feat. Herb Geller - Reunion
    • Track 8: Tain et al / Christian Korthals - Echo From The Past
    • Track 9: Torsten Kamps - Bossa Cuarenta Y Tres
    • Track 10: Michael Kiedaisch - Zerbechlich
    • Track 11: Joerg Reiter / Klaus Graf - Eternity
    • Track 12: Andre Cimiotti - Breeze Of Home
    • Track 13: Initiative H. - The Way Of The Sun
    • Track 14: Klaus Graf Quartett - Far And Near
    • Track 15: Fred Hormain - Temporary Universe