Sony NW-A45 Black 16GB Digital Audio Player


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The Sony NW-A45 is the Walkman for a new generation. Featuring all the great features you'd want from a music device and much more, Sony's new line of products put you in control of your listening experience like never before, and all for only $349


  • Superior Quality

    Sony's NW-A45 Walkman products put their high-resolution audio front and center in their advertisements, boasting some of the clearest and most crisp playback you can get from a portable device. Listen to your favourite songs just as they were intended with the NW-A45's audiophile-quality sound, courtesy of the built-in S-Master HX audio amplifier.

  • Perfect Sizing

    The Sony NW-A45 Walkman is one of the smallest audio devices on the market, ensuring it can always fit into your pocket. It measures only 5.59 cm x 9.75 cm x 1.09 cm in total, keeping it slim and discreet when you have it stowed away.

    Accessible and Easy to Use

    In addition to its already fantastic audio clarity, the Sony NW-A45 also offers other features to further enhance your listening experience. DSEE HX technology automatically upscales compressed audio files, letting you listen to them as they originally sounded, while Bluetooth technology lets you wirelessly sync with your headphones to avoid the hassle of cords. Digital noise cancellation, ambient sound mode, 16 GB of space, and an extra large touch screen just seal the deal.

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