SpinFit Rotating CP100 Silicone Ear Tips


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SpinFit Rotating CP100 Silicone Ear Tips

  • Special designed cushion at the centre of the shank allows it to rotate freely 360º

  • SpinFit will shape to your ear canal so it can go deeper and seal better With deeper, more comfortable tip technology it also improve the noise isolation – less noise is better sound. SpinFit is soft and with its patented, fully articulating feature, the eartip goes deeper and seals much better, resulting in extended lows and finer highs.

  • Compatible brands : AIAIAI, AKG, Audio Technica Aurisonics, Beats by Dre, Beyerdynamic B&O Play, Bowers & Wilkins, Brainwavz Cardas Audio, Chord & Major, Creative Crossroads, Denon, Dita Audio Final, FitEar, Fostex Grado, Hifiman, Hippo Audio Jabra, Jerry Harvey Audio, JVC KOSS, MEELECTRONICS, Monster Noble Audio, Ocharaku, Ortofon Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer Radius, RHA, Samsung Sennheiser, Skullcandy, Sony Soul, Soundmagic, TDK Ultimate Ears, V-moda, Yamaha X1-H2O Audio