Rega Bias 2 Moving Magnet Cartridge


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Rega Bias 2 is a Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge with elliptical stylus

  • Innovation

    Recent developments in coil winding techniques have allowed us to use our innovative parrallel wound coil in our entire range. This technique uses approximately one third less wire than our previous models, thus producing a more efficient and reduced mass cartridge.


    Rega have not tried to create a false impression of expense by using an elaborate package. We have used the most simple and cheap carton possible to avoid transit damage, thereby using the saving to spend more on the cartridge itself - ensuring better value.

  • Output: 6.8 - 7.2mV

    Stylus: elliptical

    Fixing: standard, two screws

    Coils: High Spec parallel wound coils

    Colour: Red

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