Violectric Audio HPA V220 Headphone/Pre-Amplifier


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We are proud to announce that after two years of work our new headphone amplifier designs have finally been completed. 

  • The power supply will use large toroidal transformers which will enable additional output power as compared with the V181 and V200. The reliable V200 amp circuitry is utilized with its highly efficient current limiters and will only be slightly altered to further refine the design. Lots of protection circuitry is used in this design to ensure extremely long lasting lifespan for both the amp and your headphones.

  • There are dedicated buttons to select each input on the front panel.

    The new amps also include balanced and unbalanced line outputs. The outputs may be assigned pre or post fader, meaning they carry a fixed pass through or a variable output signal via the volume control just like the internal headphone amp.

    Simply connect your power amp or your active speakers to the line outputs of the V220 or V281 to create an ultra-compact superb sounding pre-amp / headphone amp.

  • LOWEST NOISE: because of low internal gain. Therefore the self generated noise from the amplifier is not audible.

    HIGH OUTPUT VOLTAGE: through 60 Volt internal operating voltage. Therefore best suited for high impedance headphones. Over 90 % of all headphone amplifiers in the market offer not half that voltage !!

    HIGH OUTPUT POWER: because of powerful amplifiers able to deliver much more current a headphone needs. Therefore best suited for low impedance headphones and even magnetostatic cans !!

    HIGH DAMPING FACTOR: through lowest output impedance. Therefore best suited for full control even with critical headphones with the guarantee to have flattest possible.

    Dimensions W x H x D: 165 x 114 x 310 mm / 6,5 x 5 x 12 inch