Viva Audio Numerico CD Transport & Digital Analogue Converter

Viva Audio

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Legendary Viva Audio experience in digital domain.

  • Numerico's CD transport is encased in solid aluminum for stability and mechanical vibration control. It is painted with a special high-tech colour with the inherit ability to absorb laser emissions, thus limiting its interference with the DAC’s performance.

    All internal connections are hand soldered using our special high-purity copper litz-like wire wrapped with natural silk.

    The analogue output stage is meticulously designed using an extremely short signal path topology and select custom esoteric output transformers that Viva Audio is known for. We dedicated our full attention and know-how in making the Numerico emotionally interactive. 

  • Numerico’s sound can be described as a unison of strengths from both digital and analogue reproduction approaches. Numerico combines the best of both worlds. The sheer musicality delivered by Numerico is nothing short of stunning. This is the music machine. It was created with passion by people of passion. Numerico can truly breathe new life into your old red book CD collection and let you rediscover your favourite music library. Be prepared to be astounded as new details and musical nuances are revealed in your familiar recordings.

    Numerico connects you to the world of high-end, high-performance digital audio with 2 coaxial and 1 USB digital inputs. Three digital inputs offer flexibility to make Numerico the heart and soul of your digital playback system. Numerico natively supports high resolution files which make it easier to appreciate the higher quality of sound they offer. Numerico brings you to the 21st contemporary digital musical playback with the fullest Viva Audio DNA. 


    The top cover is painted with the finest automotive lacquer in virtually an unlimited array of colours with front and back panels made of high-gloss, black acrylic. As such, Numerico carries the aura that addresses both modern and classical aesthetic principles. The chassis rests on solid brass feet with natural wool felt padding that effectively eliminate micro vibrations, resonances and isolates music reproduction from mechanical interferences.

    A machined anodized aluminum remote control is provided.

  • Dimensions w×h×d: 408x162x380 mm

    Weight: 9,7 kg

    Power consumption: 17W (max)

    CD format: Red Book

    Disc compatibility: CD, CD-R, CD-RW

    DAC inputs: USB, coaxial, optical (option)

    Analog output: stereo RCA

    DAC: 24 bit / 192 kHz

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