ALO Audio SXC 24 High Purity Silver IEM Cable

ALO Audio

The SXC 24 Earphonecable adds the final touch to your favourite high fidelity earphones.

  • High purity silver-plated copper (SXC) conductors in FEP jackets deliver intense musical resolution and fine inner detail to recordings. They also have the fun and easy to listen to sound signature of all ALO Cables.

  • The conductors are subtly marked with threads of colour to clearly indicate right (red) or left (blue) making it easy to use in on the go applications. The cable twist combined with the durable FEP jacket work together to keep microphonics to a minimum while still delivering great sound quality. The FEP jacket will also keep the conductors safe from oxidation that is commonly found in many earphone cables. While oxidation doesn't negatively affect the sonic quality of the cable, keeping it out will ensure your cable will stay looking great for years.

  • Material: Silver