Astell & Kern AK T8iE Tesla In Ear Headphones

Astell & Kern

The AK T8iE is the first High-End In-Ear model from Tesla Technology from Beyerdynamic in Cooperation with Astell&Kern.
  • The AK T8iE has been developed and designed from scratch to offer a superior in-ear sound experience.

    The finest engineers who developed acoustic reference headphones such as the T 1 and AK T5p also designed the AK T8iE, a new landmark in the Tesla family.

    The dynamic moving-coil transducer offers an extreme wide frequency range with crisp bass, well-balanced mids and crystal-clear highs.

    Each AK T8iE is handcrafted in Germany by skilled employees, who have long-term experience assembling small electronic components.

    Every single constituent of the AK T8iE is tested and approved multiple times before leaving our assembly line. This guarantees the highest level of quality and long lasting product durability.  


    The Tesla Technology stands for a superb listening experience. First emerged in 2009 with the reference headphones the T 1, the AK T8iE is dramatically miniaturized with the same characteristics of its bigger siblings. An extremely high magnetic flux density within a ring magnet ensures a balanced, undistorted, transparent and neutral sound reproduction.


    In comparison to other headphones with Balanced Armature (BA) technology, there is no separate transducer for bass, mid-range or treble tones. This avoids phase problems and the losses of sound quality that results from this. From deep bass to the highest trebles, the AK T8iE sounds like an integrated whole. Additionally, the efficiency of the Tesla transducer is so high that it can easily be matched to a 4-way BA system.


    The concha design with the cable running rearwards over the ear has several advantages. The in-ears are easily inserted, and don’t fall out because the cable doesn’t pull. The oval-shaped concha moulds sit very comfortably in the auricle without any pressure. Therefore a variety of ear canals of people from around the world were measured. On top of that five different sizes of anatomically shaped silicone tips and three pairs of Comply Foam tips ensure the perfect ear for every ear.


    Besides the standard 1.3 m cable with the general-purpose 3.5 mm plug there is an additional balanced cable for Astell&Kern [works with AK100ll, AK120ll, AK240, AK380]. It provides a balance output with its specific 2.5 mm 4-pole terminal. 

    • Tesla Technology drivers for a superb listening experience
    • Made in Germany: Each in-ear is assembled and handcrafted in Germany
    • Housings finishing with special alloy used in hightech medical products
    • Timeless fluid design corresponds to the anatomical shape of the human ear
    • Perfect fit: 5 pairs of special silicone eartips and 3 pairs of Comply Foam
    • Premium leather case with magnetic seal
    • Additional 2.5 mm 4 pole balance cable included
    • All cables are Kevlar-reinforced and exceed highest quality demands
    • AK T8iE
    • 1.3 m cable with 3.5 mm plug
    • 1.3 m balanced cable with 2.5 mm plug [works with AK100ll, AK120ll, AK240, AK380]
    • 5 pairs of silicone eartips
    • 3 pairs of Comply Foam eartips
    • Leather case
    • Cable clip
    • Warranty Card
    • Instruction Book