Audio-Technica ATH-WM77 Headphones


Following the success of the retractable cable series with ATH-WM5 and ATH-WM55, Audio-Technica now launched the third generation headphone that comes with great improved features.


  • Although ATH-WM77 also comes with a wind-up mechanism, to further complete it as a fuss-free headphone, the new headphones now comes with tangle-free flat cable.

    To keep the cables after use, simply insert the plug into the plug rest and turn it gently, the cable will retract smoothly.

    While using the headphones you can also adjust the cables to the desired length to suit your different needs.

    In the audio department, the ATH-WM77 is fitted with a newly designed 38mm drivers that promise to deliver a wide range sound with powerful bass.

    The headphones also offer convenient portability and long lasting comfort with its flat folding design and soft on-ear earpads.

    • Freely adjustable length with cord winding mechanism that holds up to the plug.
    • When not using headphones, the winding mechanism can be used. When carrying the cord does not get in the way.
    • 1.0m flat cable tangle for easy maneuverability.
    • Replaceable coloured cap
    • Play a wide range of powerful sounds via the  new design 38mm driver.
    • Sealed type of ear sleeves that prevent sound leakage.
    • Adopted a soft cushion fit headband to prevent fatigue.
    • Together with the head band to achieve a sealed sleeve that is effective, the fit was stable in terms of sound quality, the user can enjoy the sound and power of the new design.
  • Driver:  φ38mm

    Maximum Output:  103dB/mW

    Frequency Response:  10~23,000Hz

    Maximum Output:  500mW

    Impedance:  35Ω

    Weight:  133g

    Connector:  φ3.5mm

    Cable:  1.0m