Aurisonics ASG-2.5 In Ear Monitors


Aurisonics new flagship product the ASG-2.5 is a true world-class top-tier hybrid in-ear monitor. No matter what instrument you play, what range you sing in or whether you just want a remarkable enjoyable source for mixing or listening to music the ASG-2.5 is for you!

  • Aurisonics™ - the Critical Difference a world-wide manufacturer and supplier of in-ear products has launched our state-of-the-art Digital-Hybrid In-Ear Monitor™ model ASG-2.5

    The ASG-2.5 represents the next generation of hybrid in-ear monitoring technology, which far surpasses the performance capabilities of other legacy designs by combining a massive 14.2mm full-range dynamic driver with two precision tuned next generation tweeters. This hybrid combination of cutting edge in-ear driver technology allows for unmatched performance worthy of true top-tier status. The ASG-2.5 is the new gold standard in IEMs (multiple patents pending). 

    • The ASG-2.5 is a crossover workhorse design, allowing it to be used as a stage monitor or mix monitor.
    • Providing unrivaled performance the ASG-2.5 is perfect for any musician, vocalist or mix engineer.
    • Audiophiles will also enjoy the masterful execution of exacting reproduction of recorded music, making for one of the most enjoyable non-fatiguing IEMs ever produced.
    • Tunable bass porting is a standard feature on the ASG-2.5, and allows for precise mechanical tuning of the low frequency component of the dynamic driver.
    • Hyper-coating is also a standard feature on the ASG-2.5. This new super soft canal coating is body heat activated and forms a supple comfortable positive seal to the ear canal - even while exposed to intense perspiration
    • A tunable ambient pass through is also available as an option which allows you to tune in the amount of ambient sound you hear around you and reduce occlusion (stuffy head) effect often encountered with in-ear products.
    • Aurisonics exclusive ASG-2.5 Custom Digital-Hybrid In-Ear Monitors™
    • Our ASG-2.5 is a true top-tier world-class monitor workhorse. 
    • 8Hz - 25kHz frequency response
    • 34ohm +/- 10% impedance @1kHz
    • Sensitivity 123dB @ 1mW
    • 14.2mm full range dynamic driver
    • Dual next generation tweeters