Aurisonics Rockets In-Ear Monitors


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ROCKETS come fitted with a patent-pending tri-tab silicone retention collar. The retention collar is designed to hold ROCKETS in your ears by grabbing the inside parts. In other words, they're really comfortable and will sit securely in your ears without falling out. You can even sleep comfortably in them.


  • Unlike earbuds that have no chance of staying in the ear due to the shape, ROCKETS are perfect for an active lifestyle. Comfortable for long periods of use and isolation from the noise of the world when you want it, when you need it, ROCKETS are your escape through your music.

    Powered by a single ultra precision made 5.1mm micro-dynamic speaker, the ALPHA series ROCKETS pack a punch with their 20Hz-22KHz frequency range; yet has a neutral non-fatiguing, inviting sound signature. Its presentation is tuned for those sensitive to high frequencies and the ears of a younger budding audiophile. 

    • Conserving your hearing is part of our culture at Aurisonics so we tuned the sensitivity of the driver to a level that allows you to enjoy ROCKETS at lower volumes for longer periods of time without worry of hearing fatigue.
    • Having no external venting, ROCKETS have great isolation with low occlusion (stuffy head feeling). The sliding tri-tab base allows you to properly position the super soft silicon tri-tabs in your ear for maximum retention so they don't fall out. ROCKETS include an assortment of our new hand-poured, super soft "skin-like" SureSeal™ tips for unparalleled fit, seal, and comfort.
    • As with all Aurisonics products, ROCKETS are handcrafted in the USA. 
    • Single 5.1mm Precision Micro-Dynamic Driver
    • 20Hz - 20KHz Frequency Response
    • 16ohm +/- 10% impedance @1kHz
    • Sensitivity 105dB @ 1mW
    • 24dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) so you can rock out to your favorite song at safe levels.