Bryston BDP-1USB Digital Player


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Bryston BDP-1USB Digital Music Player Features

The BDP-1USB’s power comes via a noiseless linear power supply that’s isolated from the digital audio path and AC power circuits. It includes UPnP compatibility, Squeezebox emulation, DoP (DSD over PCM) and more. The firmware can be flashed and updated via any web browser, plus you can control the BDP-1USB with any Apple (iOS) or Android device (smart phones, tablets, etc). Bryston has a built-in interface, but you can also send music from any compatible apps.

Linear Power Supply4 USB inputs/outputsCompatible with Asynchronous USB DACsDSD over PCM (DoP) playbackFast Ethernet 100mbps connectivityNAS drive supportUPnP/DLNA Client, Server, RendererSupport for up to 30,000 tracksGapless playbackGraphical User Interface (GUI)Web-browser and iOS/Android mobile device controlSupport for FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV, MP3Bit perfect digital audio playback