Bryston BP6 Pre-amplifier w/ MM Phono


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The Bryston BP6 preamplifier is a simplified state-of-the-art preamplifier combining outstanding function with complete musical accuracy, providing an exact duplication of the original recording experience, without distortion or colouration.

Input: 4x RCA single ended pairs*, RCA single ended (tape loop), SPDIF (RCA)**
Output: 2x RCA single ended pairs

  • All BP-26 series preamplifiers are housed in steel cabinets for shielding to reduce electromagnetic interference effects. Buffered inputs provide for lower distortion and improved linearity from source components. A ground plane has been incorporated in this new design to further reduce crosstalk and noise throughout the internal circuitry. The power supply (MPS-2) is mounted externally to eliminate power-supply noise interference.

    Each and every BP-26 C-Series preamplifier is assembled by hand and burned in for 100 hours to ensure performance for many years to come. It is backed by a Warranty — unrivaled in the industry

    • Class A discrete operational amplifiers
    • Four pairs of high level stereo inputs
    • Gold plated input and output contact surfaces
  • FREQ. RESPONSE: 20Hz~20kHz +/- .05dB

    MAXIMUM OUTPUT: 15 volts

    IMD/THD: <0.005% at 3 volts out

    SENSITIVITY: 500mV (High level inputs)

    NOISE: -100dB (Ref. 500mVin, 20~20K Hz):

    The Bryston MM Phono Stage offers broadcast quality sonic accuracy and RIAA equalization. It is available in multiple preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers to deliver superb vinyl playback.

    Broadcast quality
    Innovative MM phono stage
    Available in:
    BP26, BP16, BP6 Preamplifiers
    B60R, B100 Integrated Amplifiers