Campfire Audio (By ALO Audio) Orion CK In Ear Monitors

ALO Audio

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Our Orion CK single driver earphone exemplifies the ‘less is more’ philosophy of our approach to audio.


  • Balanced Armature Earphone

    This design integrates single balanced armature drivers into a CNC'd aluminum enclosure.  Our Orion single driver earphone exemplifies the ‘less is more’ philosophy of our approach to audio.  The sonic quality and range makes this disarmingly simple earphone will bring your daily listening to a new level of enjoyment.

    Individually Machined Parts. Hard Anodized. Laser Etched.

    The CNC’d aluminum enclosures sets our earphones apart and helps propel them towards excellence.  The damping characteristics of the aluminum and isolation it provides against intervening vibration focuses the musical deliver of the earphone.  Its as if two slightly offset images were suddenly pulled in close to find perfect alignment.

  • Single Balanced Armature Design

    The advanced 8.5mm beryllium diaphragm is central to this broad frequency of musical excellence. Beryllium diaphragms have a proven track record in the high-end home audio community.  Our beryllium diaphragm showcases this performance and expands what is possible in personal audio.

    Hand Crafted Excellence

    The careful selection of each driver and the meticulous assembly of each earphone is critical in delivering this musical excellence.  Each driver is initially selected for its close conformity to our firmly established tuning criteria.  Earphone internal components are prepared with a careful eye on the finished product.  These elements are hidden once they are secured and the earphone is sealed in final assembly, but our close attention here ensures a lasting finished product.  The earphones are then assembled by hand in small batches. This assures our full attention remains with each one we produce. Each assembled earphone is then measured, matched and paired to find their best possible match.

  • Balanced Armature: Single Balanced Armature Driver

    CNC'd Aluminum: Individually Machined Aluminum Housing

    Detachable Cable: Beryllium Copper Hardened MMCX