DALI Opticon 1 Bookshelf Speakers


The DALI OPTICON 1 is a compact stand mount speaker, designed to be placed close to the wall or mounted on it.


    • It combines its almost 5 litres of air capacity with a rear-mounted bass port, a 4 ¾ inch low-loss Wood Fibre Woofer, a 26 mm ultra-light Soft Dome Tweeter and gold-plated terminals and what the DALI OPTICON 1 delivers is the perfect balance of clear, detailed midrange and an impressive tight bass that belies its size.


      The OPTICON 1 features the same low-loss Wood Fibre Woofer found in our flagship EPICON series, alongside our unique SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) magnet motor system and a brand new Soft Dome Tweeter developed for the OPTICON series, all of which works together along with a individual bass reflex port for the woofer to produce audio exactly as the recording artist originally envisioned it.

      The OPTICON 1 relies on the bass reflex principle. The bass reflex port has been tuned to minimize distortion from the woofers, and to control the time response of the roll-off from the bass system. Timing is the absolute keyword when tuning bass ports. Correct timing without any unwanted interaction between the drivers and frequencies creates a holographic soundstage. Research clearly shows that speakers with superior time coherence deliver enhanced sonic realism.

      Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) is a coated magnet granule that can be shaped into any form that you would want. SMC has many advantages, and used in a speakers magnet motor system it result in a significant reduction of distortion from mechanical loss. SMC’s unique ability to deliver a high magnetic conductivity and a very low electrical conductivity delivers all the wanted qualities of a really good speaker magnet without the traditional downsides. The result is a significant lowering of the colouration of the reproduced sound. In the OPTICON 1 woofer magnet motor system the pole piece is purely constructed of SMC. This important addition to the ferrite based motor system is paramount to the audio performance of the OPTICON series.

      The OPTICON 1 holds a brand new Soft Dome Tweeter developed for the OPTICON series, which features low resonance frequency, high power handling, and exceptional headroom for high sound pressure levels and extreme excursions. It is rolled in carefully around 2.0 - 2.5 kHz, depending on the model. And the dome is allowed to operate up to its high frequency limit well beyond 20 kHz without being rolled off in the crossover.

      The woofer for the OPTICON 1 is designed with a strong focus on DALI sound principles of low-loss, low distortion and low colouration of the reproduced sound. The ideal speaker plays just what the amplifier intented, with nothing added and nothing subtracted.

      • Proprietary DALI tweeters and woofers
      • Hand-assembled with in-house built cabinet construction
      • Unique SMC-based magnet motor system
      • Low-loss Wood Fibre Woofers
      • Ultra-light 26 mm Soft Dome Tweeter
      • Gold-plated Terminals
      • Available in White Matt Satin, Black and Walnut

Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 62 - 26,500

Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 86.0

Nominal Impedance [ohms] 4

Maximum SPL [dB] 105

Recommended Amplifier Power [W] 25 - 100

Crossover Frequency [Hz] 2,000

Crossover Principle 2-way

Hybrid tweeter module, High frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 26 mm

Hybrid tweeter module, High frequency driver Diaphragm type Soft Textile Dome

Midrange driver, Quantity 1 x 4 3/4"

Midrange driver, Diaphragm type Wood Fibre Cone

Enclosure type Bass Reflex

Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] 61.5

Connection Input Single Wire

Magnetic Shielding No

Recommended Placement On-Wall Shelf or stand

Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] 2 - 80

Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm] 261 x 152 x 231

Weight [kg] 4.5

Accessories Included Manual Rubber Bumpers Wall Bracket