Dekoni Audio Platinum AKG K701 Series

Dekoni Audio

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Dekoni Audio wanted to design an ear pad that is both comfortable and has excellent sound isolation qualities.

What they came up with is the Platinum protein leather collection that is made from high tech memory foam wrapped in the finest, softest protein leather we could find. This is all to insure a tight, well isolated fit for your current headphones and are designed to bring you closer to what it is you are listening to and allow you to listen longer.

This earpad is a perfect fit for the AKG K series of headphones as they are headphones that are battle tested and people like to keep around. Why not upgrade those old cans with a new set of Ear Pads and listen the Dekoni way.

Try these on your Beyerdynamic DT series and T9 as well!

Pricing is for 1 Pair