FiiO AM5 Optional High Power Amplifier Module for X7 DAP


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Power up your X7 with the AM5 headphone amp module - this unit can drive 300-ohm headphones. *X7 Digital Player not included

  • Utilizing the MUSE02 of NewJanPan, with TPA6120A2 a current feedback differential input high fidelity headphone amplification. The Texas Instruments amplifier chip achieves low distortion, higher bandwidth and higher slew rate. Capable of ultra high current for a highly musical performance.

  • Using the screwdriver supplied, carefully remove the existing module and replace it with the AM5. Please make sure the X7 is switched off before performing this procedure.

  • Output power:

    800mW into 16-ohms

    500mW into 32-ohms

    55mW into 300-ohms

    Output Impedance: 0.5 ohms

    SNR: 120dB Weighted

    THD: < 0.001%

    Maximum Output Current: 250mA