FiiO E02i Rocky iPhone Headphone Amplifier



The Fiio E02i is a one of a kind amplifier designed specifically for the Apple iPhone range. Careful matching via the headphone output ensures crystal, clear sound while maintaining all the functionality.

  • The E02i can be used to control the music or pick-up a call, it can also allow you to change songs, pause, play as well as listen to a phone call.

    • Improve the sound quality and exclusive for iPhone.
    • Lithium battery 10 Hours playtime.
    • Full inline control compatible with iPhone.
    • Full metal shielded cable prevents interference.
    • E02i casing made with aluminium
  • Output Power: 
    70 mw (32Ω Loaded)
    18 mw (300Ω Loaded)

    Headphone Impedance Range:  16Ω-300Ω

    Frequency Response:  20 Hz - 20 kHz

    Power Supply: Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery

    Size of mainframe: 23.3mmx57.3mmx15.3mm(including the clip)

    Length of wire: 800mm

    Weight: 27g (Battery not included)