FiiO E9i Desktop Head Amp for iPod/iPhone


E9i is a iPod/iPhone  Dock and Headphone amplifier with 3.5m and 6.3mm headphone out.

  • Please Note: Power adapter comes with North American connector plug. US to AUD converter included.
    • Dual- channel power output, 3.5 and 6.35 for two headphone plug;
    • TI's main power amplifier with a noise 5uVrms; low distortion 0.00014%THD+N; high conversion rate 1300V/uS the current feedback IC: TPA6120;
    • With on/off mute function: is sealed relays to do the amplifier output protection; sealed with low-noise ALPS potentiometer.
    • Internal audio buffer amplification BB OPA2134: FET input, has advantages: 8nVsqrHz; low distortion 0.00008%THD; high switching rate: 20V/uS and so on.
    • APPLE base, achieve iPod, iPhone the line out of output amplifier, charging device, connected to the computer through USB synchronization data exchange.
    • With LOW ( 10dB ) /HIGH(18dB) gain selection.
    • Two audio output: adjustable via E9i output (3.5mm hole); fixed, not adjustable output (RCA output);
    • Built-in power converter of high efficiency, high precision and low noise power converters to meet the high dynamic signal processing.
    • LED power indicator Power.
    • Headphone into the priority output, plug in your headphones, the external output RCA invalid, 3.5mm invalid.
  • Output power: 1W (16Ω Loaded);80mW(600Ω Loaded)

    Headphone Impedance Range:16Ω ~600Ω

    SNR: ≥100dB(A weight)[LINE IN]

    Distortion: <0.003%(100mW)[LINE IN]

    Frequency response: 10Hz~100 KHz

    Fixed line out: 2V rms

    Adjustable out: 0-2V rms

    Power supply: DC15V 1.5A

    Size: 149mm×96mm×56mm

    Weight: 440g