FiiO EM3 Open Ear Buds


FiiO's latest offering - EM3 - open ear buds

  • The EM3 utilizes 14.8mm large diameter dynamic drivers of high magnetic flux and electroacoustic efficiency. Impedance stands at a well-chosen 47-ohms to ensure that the EM3 can be driven from a large selection of amplifiers. The large drivers produce powerful bass whilst the open design offers a vast soundstage for an in ear design. Immerse yourself in a vivid, realistic music environment - any time, any place.

  • Streamlined minimalist design

    Through repeated design and modification concerning aesthetic and acoustic variables, the EM3 is easy on the eye and comfortable to wear all day long.

    Small and light The EM3 only weighs 13.6grams and has been tested on numerous subjects to guarantee long term comfort and fit.

    In-line microphone and remote EM3's built-in microphone means that you can stay connected, this guarantees clear voice communication.

    L-shaped jack The EM3 comes with a 3,5mm gold plated jack that reduces transmission losses so as to preserve the original sound.

  • Model: EM3

    Driver: 14.8mm

    Weight: 13.6grams

    Impedance: 47 ohms

    Sensivity: 109dB