FiiO RC-MH1 Replacement Headphone Cable for V-moda M80/M100


High quality copper replacement cable for Philips X1 / Sony 1R / V-moda M80 and M100

  • Improve the performance of your Sony, Philips or v-moda with this high purity cable.

  • Improved soundstage and detail and improved rugged design. This product features outstanding strong ageingresistant against against long time of usage

  • Sheath material: TPE

    Shielding Layer: PCOCC-A

    Insulating layer: PFA

    Conductor: PCOCC-A

    Diameter: 2.4mm x2 (Parallel structure)

    Length: 120cm

    Source end plugs: 3.5mm to 3.5mm