FiiO X7-II Second Generation Digital Audio Player


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The Fiio X7 2nd Gen – Changing The Way Audiophiles Listen To Music On-The-Go!


  • The Fiio X7 2nd Gen – Changing The Way Audiophiles Listen To Music On-The-Go!

    In the modern world of portable audio, cell phones are king. But for a true audiophile and music enthusiast, the quality of music on cell phones – and often streamed through services like Spotify or Apple Music – is simply unacceptable.

    So what’s the solution? The Fiio X7 2nd Gen MP3 player! This advanced, Android-based Digital Audio player has been built specifically to function with high-quality audio equipment. With support for all major lossless audio files, an advanced Digital Audio Processing Unit, and a total storage capacity of over 512gb, the Fiio X7 2nd Gen Digital Audio player is the best choice for any music enthusiast on-the-go!

  • Convenience Meets Power In The Fiio X7 2nd Gen MP3 Player

    The Fiio X7 2nd Gen provides incredible performance in a tiny package – and improves on its predecessor in almost every way. Features include:

    Modern, Chiseled Design – The Fiio design team has created a truly modern design for the X7 2nd gen. With smooth lines, a machined-aluminum body, and aggressively bevelled edges, this Digital Audio player is as attractive as it is powerful.

    Triple Crystal Oscillators – Unlike other Digital Audio players, the Fiio X7 2nd gen utilizes 3 separate crystal oscillators for perfect sound across multiple lossless audio codecs.

    ESS DAC For Unmatched Sound Reproduction – An ESS ES9028PRO DAC is at the heart of this unit, providing an incredibly dynamic range, soundstage, and a signal-to-noise ratio of 129dB.

    Incredible Performance And Usability – With a high-quality 480x800 screen, 2gb of RAM, and a customized Android 5.1 UI, the Fiio X7 is easier to use than ever!

    Interchangeable Amplifier Modules – The 2nd generation Fiio X7 uses the same interchangeable amp technology as its predecessor – and fully supports the swapping of all compatible amplifiers.

    Long Battery Life With Quick-Charge Technology – The Fiio X7 has a battery life of up to 8 hours, and with Qualcomm Quick-Charge technology, it can be fully charged in less than 1.5 hours.

    WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity – Modern WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity allow you to connect with other devices quickly and easily.

    Optical And Coaxial Output – The Fiio X7 supports optical output, allowing it to be used as a playback device even for advanced audio systems that don’t support coaxial cables.

    For a true audiophile, there’s no better choice. The Fiio X7 2nd gen MP3 player includes everything that made the first generation MP3 player so great – alongside dozens of other incredible features.

    Don’t suffer from poor audio quality when you’re on the go! Choose the Fiio X7 2nd gen, and experience the power of lossless audio – wherever you may be!

    • Name / Model No. X7 Mark Ⅱ (FX5321) Operating System Deeply customized Android 5.1.1
      CPU Model RK3188 No. of cores 4
      CPU operating frequency 1.4GHz DAC ESS9028 PRO
      Keyboard Virtual QWERTY keyboard Input method Touchscreen
      Special features Dual Android / Pure Music operating modes, symmetrical remappable keys,  USB DAC, docking connector, etc. User Interface Android 5.1.1 / FiiO Music
      Chips used SoC:RK3188, DAC:ESS9028 PRO,  LPF: OPA1612x2,  OP: Customized OPA926x2