Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS Balanced Armature Ear Phones - DEMO


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Final's flagship BS-SS takes balanced armature earphones to another level of performance. 


  • Final Audio Design's products define boundaries with high quality build materials, with intense parts, and of course, with amazing, epoch-making sound quality. The FI-BA-SS is their flagship balanced armature earphone, built in a solid steel chassis and boasting one of the most neutral, yet powerful single armature earphones in the world.

    Its balanced air movement system enables extraordinary sound stage that highlights instrument separation. Each frequency is fully realised delivered unadulterated to the ear. There isn't a better nor more coherent single speaker earphone on the planet. There may not be a better multi-armature earphone, either.

  • With a special “BAM Mechanism” design, air movement inside the housing is optimized, allowing the BA-SS to produce deep bass without the distortion and muddiness normally reproduced by BA unit earphones. The design theory of this breakthrough earphone rests on a single driver directly connected to the circuit – uncomplicated by the presence of other drivers. The BA-SS is a handmade product, made by Japanese sound engineers with a full-focus on ideal sound with no compromises. This is our flagship model of the BA series and our premium model in the Balanced Armature category.

  • Ultra-wide frequency custom balanced armature speaker

    Fatigue-free, natural sound

    BAM (Balanced Air Movement) technology

    100% stainless steel housing for clear, natural sound

    Anti-resonant silicon ear pieces (S/M/L)

    Driver type: Custom ultra-wide single balanced armature

    Sensitivity: 112dB

    Impedance: 16Ω

    Cable length: 1,4 metres

    Weight: 20g per side