Final Audio Design Piano Forte X Dynamic Ear Phones


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Experience the distinctive and vivid sound quality of horn loudspeakers with the Piano Forte X-VIII Series.

  • Piano Forte Series delivers a truly immersive sound experience akin to sitting in a finely-tuned concert hall. Every component has been designed with precision in a meticulous effort to integrate the core design of our Opus Speaker Series into a premium earphone. A distinct feature of the Piano Forte X-VIII is the driver unit, integrated with an extremely light diaphragm, installed inside the metallic housing. The resluting sound is immersive, clear and dynamic!

  • There’s something about Final Audio Design (or ‘FAD’ for short) that speaks to certain people. Perhaps it’s the exotic materials and finishes that adorn their products; perhaps it’s the esoteric and downright mysterious nature of the company itself. In any case, what fans of the company will likely tell you is that there’s a strong emotional response at work, and that’s something that extends to the sound of these earphones as well. This isn’t just soulless audio jewellery for those who are largely disinterested in music. It’s creators have paid just as much attention to how these reproduce music as to how they look, and the end result is a complete expression on the part of its creators as to what an earphone can be. At the risk of sounding even more pretentious: this is art made for experiencing art.

  • Housing: Chromium Copper

    Type: Dynamic Driver

    Driver unit: 16mm

    SPL: 108dB

    Impedence: 16ohm

    Length of cable: 1.4m

    Weight: 38g