Final Audio LAB I Balanced Armature Limited Edition Headphones


The attainment of overwhelming realims through weighty bass tones

  • Weighty bass tones are realized with a full-range dual balanced armature driver unit. Employs a titanium 64 housing shaped using a 3D printer. This is a form that allows for realistic music reproduction while curbing unnecessary vibrations.

    Regarding the LAB Series

    Following the concept of “creating something never seen before”, these challenging products will before long be marketed as the final audio design LAB (laboratory) series.

    The balanced armature driver unit is beset with a number of problems with regard to its configuration, whereby sound is emitted through the activation of the armature.

  • Full-range dual balanced armature driver

    Dual use of final audio design’s original full-range balanced armature driver unit. By doing so, we’ve realized a weighty bass tone.

    The thin part of the silicon ear pad that seals the auditory canal resonates with alacrity. The more the seal strength is increased and the sound insulating properties heightened, the greater the influence of the resonance. Bass tones from the resonance of the ear pads invariably reverberate in a sluggish manner, and the music’s vividness is undermined. At final, we created more than one hundred samples and selected the ear pad that made the most natural bass sound production possible. We enclosed five sizes (SS / S / M / L / LL) together, enabling the consumer to choose the one they prefer.

    Stainless mesh filter + acoustic resistor

    We’ve achieved a balance between medium and high tones with stainless steel mesh and acoustic resistor.

    • Product Name: LAB I
    • Product Code: FI-LAB01
    • Housing: Titanium Alloy
    • Driver Unit: Dual Balanced Armature Full Range Driver
    • P.L: 112 dB
    • Impedance: 8 Ohms
    • Cable Length: 2M
    • Weight: 26g