Final Audio LAB II Balanced Armature Limited Edition Headphones


Vast sound stage never seen before is realized with this unique form shaped using a 3D printer. We’ve made a music experience on a whole other level possible, one that’s bound to surprise everyone.

  • When using an open-type large-bore dynamic driver unit, it was difficult to lengthen the range of both high and low frequencies, and the spread of the bandwidth was limited. With LAB2, using a mechanical equalizer shaped using a 3D printer has achieved a form previously not possible with manufacturing methods up until now, and we have improved high frequency characteristics. The back has been made full open; the sound conduit at the front suppresses interference from the front and back of the diaphragm, resulting in an improvement in low frequency characteristics. With the mesh form on the outside of the housing, a very slight space between the auditory canal and the housing has been designed, and a natural sound field free from occlusion is realized. This special shape, the result of our pursuit of sound, was achieved using a 3D printer.

  • In line with the concept of achieving a vast, true-to-life sound stage through open earphones, we developed a new dynamic driver unit with a 15mm diameter. Having conducted listening trials, pure iron was employed for the yoke and the pole piece making up the magnetic circuit together with the neodymium magnet. As a result of having conducted repeated simulations to raise the density and the parallelism of the magnetic flux of the gap, the yoke was given a large curved surface, a shape never seen before. To suppress unnecessary vibrations, the frame was cut from an extremely strong aluminum magnesium alloy. For true-to-life sound, the diaphragm of the earphones needed to be lightweight, and with this thought at the forefront, PET with a thinness of 6μ was employed in place of the more than 12μ thickness usually used. Since we possess manufacturing know-how regarding the shaping of the diaphragm and adhering it to the voice coil in-company, it is possible for us to employ such a thin, difficult to produce diaphragm.
    We conduct not only the assembly but also the manufacturing of the driver unit at our head office in Kawasaki. We conduct a 124 level separation on these driver units, and use only a fraction of those manufactured. The drivers that are used are subjected to a rigorous filtering process, and left and right pairings are implemented.

    • Product Name: LAB II
    • Product Code: FI-LAB02
    • Housing: Titanium
    • Driver Unit: Dynamic
    • Sensitivity: 110 dB/mW
    • Impedance: 22 Ohms
    • Cable Length: 1.2M
    • Weight: 31g