Final Pandora Hope IV Closed Back Headphones


Crafted with high attention to detail and cutting-edge technologies, the Pandora Hope IV transforms the traditional enclosed headphone experience into a listening realm of vast extent. Final have equipped the Pandora IV with two different drivers that combine to create a balanced soundstage with deep low-end performance.

  • Developed by Final, the specially designed BA drivers are crafted from nickel-based alloy that offers superior magnetic solidity and produces the best possible sound. High magnetic flux dynamic drivers designed specifically for the Pandora Hope create pristine sound quality. Pandora IV also incorporate BAM mechanism that offers optimised air flow around the whole driver resulting in a balanced and powerful listening experience.

  • To ensure the headphones look, feel and sound exceptional, the housing of the Pandora IV have been crafted with matt-finished ABS thermoplastic resin. The earpads of Pandora IV are made of synthetic leather with highest elasticity fused with ultrasound allowing for a smooth surface earpad with precise ergonomic fit and comfort levels never before attained. In pursuit of the perfect listening experience.

  • Closed Design Over Ear Dual Sided Cable 1.5m Driver: 50mm