Final Sonorous X High-End Closed Headphones


The main parts of this flagship model are made from aluminium. Starting with the machined dynamic 50mm driver, you'll be delighted by the expansive sound-stage opening up before you. Each and every sound made distinct only made possible by the ultra rigid driver housing.

  • We think you will be surprised not only by the clarity and vividness, but also by the sense of realism imbued in the sound produced by these headphones, something that hasn’t been experienced in headphones until now. The 50 mm diameter driver unit with titanium diaphragm is integrated with the front plate and has been machined from pure aluminum. The principal parts are composed of machined aluminum and stainless steel. It was necessary to create the housing from a rigid metal so as to achieve the sense of realism. This is a resolute prestige model, the zenith of the SONOROUS series.

    • BAM mechanism optimizes air flow through the housing
    • New 50mm Dynamic Driver
    • Detachable cable with locking function
    • Stainless machined housing
  • Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminium

    Driver: 50mm Dynamic / Balanced Armature

    Cable Length: 1.5metre

    Weight: 630 grams

    Impedance: 16 Ohms

    SPL: 105db