Fostex T20RP MkII RP Headphones


The new Fostex T20RPmkII headphones offer the true and accurate headphone monitoring crucial for recording studios, post houses, remote broadcast facilities, project studios and DJs. They are the headphones which have been designed from the outset to offer the widest frequency range, to minimise listening fatigue, allow you to accurately pinpoint and analyse all aspects of your creative output.

  • The Fostex T20RPmkII headphones faithfully reproduce all aspects of the program material without any sonic coloration and distortion. They also combine supreme clarity and audio performance in a comfortable and sophisticated design.

    The Fostex T20RPmkII headphones deliver uncolored reproduction and natural clear sound right across the full frequency range with full bass and sparkling highs. Whereas other lesser headphones struggle at high sound pressure levels, the Fostex T20RPmkII headphones have overcome such problems. The bass is always powerful and distortion-free even at high levels. They become essential when headphone monitoring in noisy environments such as ENG recording, DJ work and in applications where you need to concentrate totally on your program material.

    Key to the transparent sound reproduction is Fostex's regulated phase (RP) technology, a proprietory transducer and diaphragm design that has earned Fostex more than twenty international patents and has been successfully applied to microphones, headphones and loudspeakers used and relied upon in professional and commercial sound installations worldwide. This technology has been enhanced still further in a new RP diaphragm (now standard across the range), which uses copper foil etched polyimide film to provide excellent resistance of the Fostex T20RPmkII headphones to a high level input peak of 2000mW, ensuring an accurate sound regardless of the volume.

    Manufactured to the most exacting standards with durable, tough and rugged materials and components, the Fostex T20RPmkII headphones are not only built to last. They're also built for comfort. Those padded ear cushions and wide, self-adjusting headbands ensure maximum comfort and fit during extended wearing periods.

    Whether you're monitoring analog or digital audio sources, work in a professional or project studio, mixing live or just need a great pair of headphones for DJ work, you require headphones which offer solid bass, clear mids and sparkling highs. The Fostex T20RPmkII headphones will deliver all these.

    • Semi-open type construction offers rich low frequency sound whilst maintaining all the nuances of vocal performance.
    • Excellent transient characteristics
    • Ideal for professional use in commercial recording studios
    • Newly developed RP diaphragm with copper foil etched polyimide film and neodynium magnet construction for accurate and natural acoustic sound reproduction
    • Padded ear cushions for maximum sound isolation and deep bass reproduction
    • Wide and self-adjusting headband for superb comfort and extended wearing periods
    • Compatible with all analog and digital formats
  • Quantity: 1 unit