Grado Labs Prestige 1 Series Mono ME+ Phono Cartridge

Grado Labs

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There are many analog lovers with record collections that include mono albums.

At Grado we strive to have products that will fit all the needs of the analog enthusiast.

  • So now, Grado offers two new cartridge models in a mono version.

    The MC+ and the ME+ are mounted with an elliciptical diamond.

    The ME+ uses one of GRADO's upgraded generating systems.

    All wooden body cartridges are available in mono version.

    This will make your records quieter and enhance the musical pleasure of these recordings.

    • Elliciptical diamond
    • Great Mono Sound
  • Frequency Response: 10-50,000 Hz

    Principal: Moving Iron

    Input Load: 47K

    Output at 1KHz 5CM/sec.: 5mV

    Recommended Tracking Force: 1.5

    Inductance: 45mH

    Resistance: 475

    Stylus Replacement U=User: U

    Mounting: Half Inch Mount or P-Mount

    Weight: 5.5