HiFiMAN Edition S Open and Closed Portable Headphones - DEMO


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Ultra Performance. Ultra Portable. Open or Closed - You Choose...

  • HiFiMAN is established in the headphone market as a premium manufacturer of magnetic planar headphones. They are now proud to present the Edition S - a dynamic portable that allows the listener to choose between closed and open back listening. Each Edition S is precisely manufactuered as per the high standards attributed to the flagship, Edition X and HE-1000.

  • Breakthrough by way of scientific research... The CEO, Dr Bian Fang, a chemistry PHD graduate, leads the HiFiMAN team to break through one barrier after another. Instead of pursuing established engineering processes, Dr Fang pushes the envelope by innovating new scientific measures.

    Edition S makes its mark by establishing a new standard for sound quality, value and comfort.

    Edition S is equipped with a remote and microphone for added convenience when using the headphone with an Android or iOS smartphone.

  • Driver: 50mm Dynamic

    Frequency Response: 15 Hz - 22 kHz

    Sensitivity: 113dB

    Impedance: 18 ohms

    Weight: 248 grams