HiFiMAN HM-901S Digital Audio Player


HiFiMan HM901S portable media player with switchable headphone and earphone modes so you can choose how you listen.

  • Supports Multiple Audio Formats

    The HM901s decodes 24-bit 192kHz high definition music files and offers upsampling to 24/194.
    Supports: MP3, ACC, WMA, OGG, APE, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC (M4A), DSD
    DAC ES9018 for best sound experience

    The ES9018 is currently the most expensive DAC chip available. HiFiMan's design team refined this DAC chip by adding an extra oscillator for upgraded performance. The result creates an all new reference among portable and mobile high-res players.

    The ES9018 also achieves a wider sound stage with enhance separation.

    Optimized Analog Circuit

    The HM901s brings balanced, high quality reproduction of live music to your ears.

    Dual-Voltage Doubly Divine Sound

    The dual-battery solution of the HM901s provides enhanced performance delivering +/- 7.4 volts, 2,000mA. This reduces the power-supply noise and allows you to enjoy more of your music.

    Advanced Step Potentiometer

    The patented step analog volume control is designed for precise control and accurate channel balance. The step potentiometer removes the carbon film that tends to easily wear out. The resistors in both channels of the step potentiometer can be paired to make sure they are 100% identical. No-gain control circuit delivers performance unmatched by the digital volume chip.

    Digital volume control chips with no abatement from digital high frequency noise can result in poor sound quality.

    HM901s is compatible to most earphones and heapdhones in the market by simply changing the amp module.

    Balanced Output for Perfected Sound Experience

    The HM901s brings balanced, high quality music reproduction creating joy for your ears. Designed to be adaptive for both balanced and single-ended output, HM901s offers wider balanced output signals with even more powerful resistance to interference. The soundstage and separation are largely improved.

    Replaceable Amp Card Design

    HiFiMan uses an open interface for headphone amplifiers to allow for more compatible designs and a chance for third-party designers to collaborate with HiFiMan.

    • Includes DAC ES9018 for upgraded performance
    • Replaceable amp card design
    • Dual-battery solution for reduced noise interference
    • Step potentiometer volume control
    • Adaptive to both balanced and single-ended outputs
    • Sleek new look
    • TAICHI II for most intuitive user interface
    • 3 second power on / off
    • Decodes 24-bit 192kHz high definition music files
    • Offers up-sampling to 24/192
    • Supports DSD 2.8MHZ
    • 9 hour battery life
  • DAC Chip: ES9018*2

    Op-amp: OPA627*2, OPA2107*2

    Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

    THD: 0.008% (Line out)

    S/N: 106±4bB

    SD card memory: Up to 256GB

    Battery life: 9 hours

    Supported music formats: MP3, ACC, WMA, OGG, APE, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC (M4A), DSD