HiFiMAN RE1000 Revolutionary Custom-Fit IEMs


Working in tandem with offices all around the world, Unique Melody provides the highest level of service and access to Unique Melody in-ear monitors regardless of where you may be in the world.

  • Unique Melody custom in ear monitors are developed and manufactured as a collaborative effort between HiFiMAN and Unique Melody utilizing the highest grade componentry from the USA and Europe.

    The special dual driver design offers smooth, effortless audio reproduction. The drivers themselves are a 8.5mm driver highs, mids and upper bass whilst a 9.5mm driver digs deep for sub bass retrieval.

    Each driver in the RE1000 is carefully tuned so that there is seamless integration between each driver.

    The result is a wide expansive sound-stage that recreates the experience of a live performance.

    • Dual Driver
    • Custom moulded fit ensures a perfect seal for optimal performance
    • Customize your RE-1000 to reflect your personal tastes
  • Impedance: 12 ohms

    Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz

    Sensitivity: 105dB

    Drivers: Dual Driver