HiFiMAN Shangri-La Electrostatic Headphone System


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The Ultimate Listening Experience
  • Radical New Technology

    Metal mesh stators working in proximity to superior openness and less distortion than other headphones.

    Hear All The Music

    Extended Frequency Response from 7Hz to 120kHz

    Custom Designed Amplifier

    Featuring four of our custom designed, custom made, 300B tubes as the warm beating heart which pumps the audio lifeblood of the SHANGRI-LA

  • Nanotech Driver

    Less than 0.0001mm

    Delivers Listening-Fast Response with Virtually Zero Distortion

    Nano-particle coated

    Sub-micrometer thickness

    Diaphragm providing unsurpassed high frequency response

  • Specifications:
    Dimensions: 43.8 x 45.9 x 33.6
    Frequency Reponse 7Hz - 120kHz
    Bias Voltage 550-650V
    Weight 16kg