iFi DC iPurifier2 Noise Isolator


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Punk, rock, pop, classical or grime. Whatever your tastes, you deserve a clean music experience.

And the cleanest way to enjoy your favourite genre is with the DC iPurifier2.

Make it clear.

Listening to music on your home system should be perfect, but chances are it isn’t, and that’s because of hiss and distortion created by your power sockets, plugs, and other electronic devices.

The DC iPurifier2 puts a barrier between them.

It strips away noise and restores clear sound.

Adapted to change.

The DC iPurifier2 handles 5 volts right through to 24, and comes in the following adapter sizes:

5 x 2.1mm
5 x 2.5mm
5 x 1.35mm

It’s compatible with all power supplies.

A quest for quiet.

The DC iPurifier2 leaves no stone unturned in its quest to reduce noise, buzz and jitter from your music.

Listen to what you love in complete tranquillity.

The tech spec.

The DC iPurifier2 has taken a step into the next generation with:

Active Noise Cancellation2® – That sharply reduce noise and bring recordings to the fore

Panasonic SP-Cap Polymer Capacitors – That minimises further noise and keeps your device temperature stable

Finding a smoother, cooler audio experience is next to impossible.