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  • Simple plug and play device - 3.5mm adapter
  • Filters out background hiss and bursts of sudden noise
  • Makes music clearer and louder
Sensitivity High-Gain (-16dB)
Wiring 6N copper matrix
PCB Gold-plated with audiophile components (eg MELF resistors)

Gold-plated 3.5mm male/female

Input Impedance

> 16 Ohm

Output Impedance < 2.7 Ohms
Amplifier Loading

~18 Ohm

Conditions 16R headphone/iem connected < 1R Amplifier output impedance
Compatible Headphone Impedance 16 Ohm to 600 Ohm rated impedance
Impedance 12.5 Ohm
Weight 6.0 g
Total Length 116mm
Warranty Period 12 months

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