JH Audio 13PRO 6 Driver Custom In Ear Monitors

JH Audio

*Now with FreqPhase Time Technology 

The JH13 Pro, the world's first six driver earpiece, offers wide frequency response, increased headroom and dynamic range, with virtually zero distortion

  • Just destroys everything else out there; How's that for Lucky 13!

    JH Audio is the only company offering dual -driver technology across the entire frequency range.

    Like all JH Audio custom in ear monitors, the JH13 offers -26dB of isolation eliminating stage volume and ambient noise - critical for performing musicians and audiophiles alike. This extreme ability to block outside sounds enhances the listening experience and allows lower listening levels reducing the potential for hearing damage.

    Each JH13 is a unique hand-built creation based on custom ear molds made just for your ears. These headphones are incredibly efficient, offering greater detail and accuracy over the competition.

    • Proprietary Precision-Balanced Armatures
    • Single Dual Low, Single Dual Mid, Single Dual High
    • Integrated 3-Way Crossover
    • Input Connector: 1/8" (3.5mm), Gold-Plated
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 20kHz

    Impedance: 28 Ohms

    Sensitivity: 116dB @ 1mW

    Isolation: -26dB