Lehmannaudio Silver Cube MM/MC Phono Stage


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In a very short time the Silver Cube has established overwhelming recognition for being one of the very best phono stages on the market and for belonging to the ultimate in phono stage design. The efforts in terms of technology, electronic parts and mechanics have lead to transparent and high-energy sound reproduction with excellent technical data and holographic soundstage delivery.


  • The Silver Cube can not only provide maximum air and space with excellent soundstage depth and width but also stunningly fast attack response, pace, timing, swing and dynamics.

    Visually the massive milled aluminium case of the audio section impresses, while acting as a heat sink for the discrete zero-feedback Class-A FET output stage.

  • No matter what cartridge you buy or any upgrades to your system later on, the Silver Cube will be able to keep up.

    The Lehmanaudio Silver Cube has an external power supply

  • Input Stage: Dual mono Microphone preamp Chip newest generation

    Gain Settings: 36 dB, 46 dB, 56 dB, 66 dB

    Max. Gain: 66 dB

    Internal Impedances (Selectable): 47 k, 1 k, 100 R

    Internal Input Capacitance and Cap Type: 47 p, 100 p, 220 p, 470 p, KP 1 % and combinations (47 p always active)