Noble Kaiser 10U Universal In Ear Monitors (New Design)


*Please check with your local store on stock availability

The critically acclaimed Kaiser 10 in-ear monitor, now available in a precision machined aluminium housing designed and manufactured locally in California.

  • The Kaiser 10 (K10) in-ear monitor is a design that was first conceptualized several years ago.  Wizard and Kaiser Soze recently reverted back to the original design and used the knowledge they gained over the years to build upon it. Out of honor and recognition for Kaiser Soze’s dedication, support, and leadership, Noble’s flagship item bares the name, “Kaiser 10.”

  • Described as “Wizard's greatest hits,” the K10 custom in-ear monitors are seemingly unchallenged at every frequency and capacity. 10-drivers working in unison as one results in what is likely the most coherent sound ever produced by a portable audio product.

    • 10 balanced-armature drivers per side
    • Impedance < 35
    • Updated Noble universal form factor
    • Precision machined aluminum housings
    • Hand-assembled and matched
    • Detachable cable with industry standard 2-pin configuration