Nordost Fut Premium Package Speaker Damper Kit (Set of 4)


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The Sort Füt is a mechanically tuned resonance control device. It is purpose-built to enhance the performance of your hi-fi system and improve upon the standard spikes and stabilizers that are provided with loudspeakers and racks.

  • Energy is an unavoidable byproduct whenever components are in use, creating vibrations which can greatly affect the sound produced. The Sort Füt’s proprietary four-part construction eliminates these unwanted vibrations by providing a direct ground path, allowing extraneous energy to escape from electronics. The result: a reduction in intermodulation distortion, a proliferation of musical information, and an increase of tonal and textural details that will allow your system to achieve the dynamic range it is capable of.

    • Aluminum and Bronze hybrid construction
    • Finial Dome to minimize effects of vibration
    • 3 Ceramic balls (Zr02)  to minimize contact surface area while providing physical stability to components
    • the Premium Package includes all of the tools and instrument instructions necessary to get any system sorted with ease and, more importantly, precision.
  • The Premium Package Includes:

    • 4 Sort Füt units
    • 8mm, 6mm, and 1/4-20 threaded adapters