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General Specifications

Output impedance


Recommended minimum output load resistance 5K
Frequency response (50KΩ output load) 13Hz (-3dB) to 100KHz (-0.3dB)
RIAA accuracy (50KΩ output load) Better than +/-0.2dB 100Hz to 100KHz
Power requirements 24V AC at 150mA maximum. Only to be used with Rega PS1
Input sensitivity (for 200mV output)
4 off 133uV
4 on 67uV
Input loading resistance
1 and 2 off 400Ω
1 on 100Ω
2 on 150Ω
1 and 2 on 70Ω
Input loading capacitance
3 off 1000pF
3 on 4300pF
4 off 63.5dB
4 on 69.5dB
Maximum input level (at 1KHz)
4 off 6.7mV
4 on 3.4mV
Load settings for adjustable MC stages
Impedance 100ohm
Capacitance 1000pF
Gain setting High ('On' position for Rega phono stages)

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